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3 tele-sales tips

First, should you use a script or not? Rhetorical question: there’s no right answer. On the one hand, if you are supremely confident and know exactly what you want to say, then not using one maybe the best way to go. But if you have even an iota of doubt, a script can sometimes help ensure you cover all the points you need to make, especially when selling a new product or service. The key is, if you do use one, it should never come across as a script and you should allow enormous flexibility so that if the prospect interrupts you, it doesn’t throw you off kilter, or make you panic about ‘getting back on script.’

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Second, should you leave a message when you reach voicemail? Today, people have caller ID so not leaving a message does not prevent the person you called from Googling your number, or worse adding it to an online spammer’s list. So it’s usually best to leave a message. But what should you say? Plan in advance the message you want to leave and what you’d like the person to do. One novel idea is to leave a unique URL for the person to go to that will provide them with something valuable. Ask your tech team whether they can set up a system whereby you can leave a URL that is unique to that particular prospect, so that when they go to the page it says something like, “Thanks for following up on my message Jenny …” Whatever message you leave makes sure it intrigues the prospect enough to do something.

Third, remember, just because the person answering the phone can’t see you doesn’t mean they can’t see you! If that sounds crazy, think about it for a second – if when you call you come across bored or distracted, if you’re lounging at your desk with your feet up, if you’re flipping through your Facebook page, or doing anything else other than being 100% focused on the call the prospect will see this as clearly as if you were standing in front of them. Be in the moment during each call; try standing when talking it will help regulate your breathing, make your voice more confident, and it will allow a more normal pattern of conversation. Poor posture leads to negativity that can be transmitted through the telephone line. Oh, and don’t look down all the time when making a call, that too creates negative vibes.

Selling over the phone is an art, if you simply go through the motions, your closing rate will be low. If you focus on each call and imagine you are face-to-face with each buyer you will make more sales, have more energy, and enjoy selling more.

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