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5 things Canadian retailers need to know about the most digital holiday shopping season on record

FROM THINK WITH GOOGLE – There’s a lot we don’t know about what this year’s holiday shopping season will bring, but we do know it will be a year like no other. Canadian businesses continue to navigate the pandemic, regional restrictions and changing consumer needs.

Canada is having an e-commerce moment and the way people shop has changed. E-commerce tripled during the early days of the pandemic and while it tapered a bit during summer months, it’s quite possible (even likely) it could double this holiday season.

All of this time spent at home has impacted what people are buying and when, and what services they require. More than half of Canadian shoppers say the pandemic has changed the way they shop, and more than one-quarter say shopping is now completely different.

Here’s what retailers need to know to prepare for the most unpredictable holiday season on record.

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