CFHuron Virtual Adviser Program
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Announcing the CFHuron Virtual Adviser Program

Virtual Business Adviser Program

Does your business need help solving a problem as a result of COVID-19? Email Tina Heathers at to get signed up for this program!

To further assist Huron County businesses adjusting to the impacts of COVID-19, we have launched the CF Huron Virtual Adviser Program.

Powered by Canada’s on-demand Matching Platform, BoomersPlus, this free program will match qualified organizations with an experienced Virtual Adviser to help their business manage and recover from COVID-19.

Paul Nichol, GM, CFHuron discusses the new CFHuron Virtual Adviser Program on CKWR FM with host John Maciel, BoomersPlus Founder Rick Emberley and Rose Austin GM, Saugeen Community Futures. The radio segment aired on Monday, April 26, 2021.

Virtual Advisers are experienced professionals representing a full range of disciplines, industries and environments, willing to share their lessons learned.

We looked at the expertise of BoomersPlus and the network and said, imagine we can bring this level of skill, expertise and advice to our clientele! We’ve never been in a position until now to really offer that level of service to our clientele. So, that’s really what’s exciting us about it…

Paul Nichol, CFHuron General Manager

Our experienced Virtual Advisers are willing to share their lessons and offer insights to organizations in need during this crisis. Get one-on-one support that will match you with an experienced professional to help you solve a unique challenge your business is facing as a result of COVID-19.

Next steps

For more info on the CFHuron Virtual Adviser Program, please contact Tina Heathers at or make an appointment below.

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