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    Holiday Shopping – Make it Easy

    The 6 weeks before Christmas are some of the most profitable weeks for small business owners  A NOTE FROM TINA – It is time to get very focused on your selling skills. If you can’t help customers to buy from your company, someone else will happily help them buy from theirs. Customers are on the hunt for gifts for family, friends and coworkers. Companies are always looking for corporate gifts for employees and suppliers. Even if you don’t have specific gift items to sell, have a look at what you could create as a gift certificate for your services, that customers could buy and give as presents. Make sure these…

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    Marketing for the Holidays webinar

    Book your spot soon for Marketing for the Holidays, a lunch & learn webinar hosted by Tina Heathers, CFHuron Business & Lending Consultant. On Wed., Nov. 20 from 12 to 1 pm, we look at your website and social media to see what customers see.  Everyone is busy but also pressured to get their holiday shopping done.  They will do as much research online as possible before they head out to the stores.  Make sure your online presence is primed for Holiday Shoppers and the money they need to spend!! Email tina@cfhuron.ca to register and get the link to participate. About your host Tina is a specialist in small business…

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    Refining Your Customer Service webinar

    On Wed., Dec. 11, join host Tina Heathers for Refining Your Customer Service, a lunch & learn webinar. Excellent customer service is more challenging than you think. It includes a bit of psychology, great time management, high levels of intuition and rock solid mental and emotional endurance. In this session, we review the keys to success with building customer loyalty. Email tina@cfhuron.ca to register and get the link to participate. About your host Tina is a specialist in small business training and development with over 25 years experience empowering business owners to create and operate successful businesses.

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    Keeping Up With Technology

    Why is it that some companies are late to the party when new technology becomes available? Technology that would allow them to introduce new and improved products to their customers. Often, it's because customers show no interest, they like tried and trusted products they know and love.

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    Coach’s Corner – What else?

    Sometimes we find ourselves caught in repeating a bad habit or ending up in a situation that we have experienced before which has not served us well. How do we avoid those situations or break the habit? When we think, déjà vu, or here we go again, we need to stop and figure out ways to move forward in a different way. We need to find alternatives to those past negative behaviours which resulted in less than desirable actions and outcomes. How do we shift our thinking? How do we come out with different, more positive results? This is where a coaching mindset comes into play. We need to ask…

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    Ontario Launches Regional Program to Help Create Jobs

    WOODSTOCK, ON – The Ontario government is launching the first part of its commitment to transform business supports to deliver value for money for taxpayers and create sustainable opportunities for businesses and communities in eastern and southwestern Ontario. Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, introduced the Regional Development Program, which will invest more than $100 million over four years while taking a new approach to supporting business growth in eastern and southwestern Ontario communities. Under the program, businesses can get financial support through the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) and the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) and access to a range of complementary services and supports.…

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    Email – How Not to Get it Wrong

    There are so many ways to screw up email and even when you don’t actually screw it up, email etiquette lies in wait to mess with you. A big faux pas, for instance, is when someone sends an email to a dozen people and includes all the addresses in the “To:” line. If you do that you are sharing what may be confidential contact information with other people without their permission. This can tick people off and make you very unpopular. The way to overcome this is to BCC (blind carbon copy) everyone and only enter your own email address in the “To:” line. Unfortunately, that is only the tip…

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    Rural Economic Development Forum

    Do approaches to rural economic development differ between rural Ontario and rural Ireland? To find out, staff and board members from Community Futures across Ontario engaged in conversations with rural economic development leaders in Ireland for five days in May 2019. During the five-day conference discussions were held with policy makers, local economic development practitioners, researchers, and businesses from across Ireland. Alison Lobb, CFHuron Board President, traveled to Ireland to take part in the rural development study tour on behalf of Community Futures Huron. The Ireland-Ontario Rural Economic Development Conference was organized in part by Ontario Community Futures, the University of Guelph, University College Dublin, and IRD Duhallow. Funding came through…

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    Historic Audio Walking Tours

    HURON ARTS & HERITAGE NETWORK — Historic audio walking tours highlighting Goderich area heritage, stories and folklore were recently launched in late September. Residents and tourists can now download 5 new podcasts about Goderich history.  These are the first of 12 historic walking tours of Goderich, Blyth and Bayfield. “The Huron Arts and Heritage Network supports local arts and history,” says Christopher Spaleta, Chair of HAHN, “It made sense that we’d tap our great historians and storytellers to bring this area’s history to life.” The first five tours will guide you through the streets of Goderich and take you back in time through storytelling. The tours give you instructions on…

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    Coach’s Corner – Having a Coaching Mindset For Your Business

    Often, we say that one of our roles as a leader is to coach our employees. What does that mean for your organization? What does it look like for the leader? How does it work for the employee? “Leaders empower individuals by building trust and coaching competence in their job roles and networking skills.” – Kenneth H. Blanchard, Author and Founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies. There are basically four aspects to incorporating a coaching mindset into our organization. The first is building trust and connection with employees. Second, when we engage with our staff there needs to be a focus or goal to each coaching conversation that leads to the…