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Clinton is more “Shoppable” than ever

Sandra Garnet and Angela Smith outside of MyTy's gift shop in Clinton, Ontario.
Sandra Garnet owner and operator of Made In Huron Artisan Market and Angela Smith, Central Huron Community Improvement Coordinator demonstrate a newly installed push-button door opener at MyTy’s, a gift shop on Isaac Street in Clnton, providing an easier, more accessible shopping experience for all.

Angela Smith, Community Improvement Coordinator for Central Huron invites shoppers to visit downtown Clinton and with help from the RRRF through Community Futures Huron, Clinton stores are now more shoppable and accessible than ever before.

The Central Huron Shop-ability Program, funded in-part by the RRRF, is a community-based business project seeking to improve accessibility and provide a safer shopping experience for all.

Nothing in this past year has been automatic or easy.

Try pushing a stroller through a shop door, managing manual doors with disabilities, juggling groceries and toddlers! If only it was so simple as pushing a button!

Now, it is easier to shop in downtown Clinton with many newly installed automated hands-free doors. Hands-free equals being more shop-able, more welcoming, more thoughtful. With the support of Central Huron, Huron County Economic Development and Community Futures Huron we are making access to businesses easier for all ages and abilities.”

Angela Smith, Community Improvement Coordinator, Central Huron

Hands-free also means less Covid contact. Use those elbows!

Inspired outcomes in Central Huron

A good day for Angela is when inspiration and results come together to showcase the community vitality of Central Huron. As the municipality’s Community Improvement Coordinator, her mind continually turns to ideas to promote local attractions and events, draw business to the area, and address challenges. From Win This Space, to the Harvest Festival, to the Back Alley Artist Extravaganza, Central Huron continues to inspire everyone to Shop Local!

An RRRF Community-Based Business Project

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