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Holiday Shopping – Make it Easy

Tina Heathers, CFHuron Business Coach and Lending Consultant

A NOTE FROM TINA – The 6 weeks before Christmas are some of the most profitable weeks for small business owners. It is time to get very focused on your selling skills. If you can’t help customers to buy from your company, someone else will happily help them buy from theirs.

Customers are on the hunt for gifts for family, friends and coworkers.

Companies are always looking for corporate gifts for employees and suppliers.

Even if you don’t have specific gift items to sell, have a look at what you could create as a gift certificate for your services, that customers could buy and give as presents.

Make sure these are well displayed on your website, social media and at your place of business. Customers are always looking for new ideas.  Gift shopping can be stressful, make it easy for people to buy from your business.

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