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New HMA Employee Attraction and Retention Program, supported by the RRRF

The Huron Manufacturing Association (HMA) is a strong voice for manufacturing through the promotion of education, networking, celebrating the achievements of our membership. 

Recently, the HMA received RRRF support for the Employee Attraction and Retention (EAR) Program through Community Futures Huron. The EAR Program will deliver a review of business processes for;

  • Recruiting 
  • Wage Structure 
  • Benefit Offerings 
  • Performance Expectations 
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Retention Goals 

The selected Consulting Team (through Request for Proposals) will then create a comprehensive inventory of current practices and policies outlining what the selected member industries have been doing in each of the observed areas. 

Larry Livingston, chair of the HMA, says he is optimistic that the process will provide each individual manufacturer with insight toward future improvements as necessary with their present employee attraction and retention practices.

The Huron Manufacturing Association is thrilled to have created the HMA EAR Program with the support of Community Futures Huron to offer our manufacturing members… The best result hoped for is the increased ability to meet their market and customer needs during this difficult time for manufacturing in Huron County.

Larry Livingston, Chair of the HMA

About the HMA

The Huron Manufacturing Association is the unified voice of manufacturers to promote industry growth in Huron County. 

The HMA Board of Directors are volunteers from the manufacturing community, who meet monthly to plan activities, projects and events.  

The HMA continues to develop its capacity to serve its members. While Huron’s companies may be small, collectively they are mighty. They know through experience how to overcome the disadvantage of scale through collaboration and networking. The efforts of the HMA ensure Huron’s manufacturing sector continues to be at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness based on the inherent expertise of its entrepreneurs and skills of its workforce.

New members are welcome at an annual fee of $150. Membership Information is here:

To find out more about the HMA, please contact Susan Jared, HMA Facilitator at

An RRRF Community-Based Business Project

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