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Perfect Balance Inc. built a better ShoeBox

Prepare to be alphabetized, colour coded, and put in numerical order, because Perfect Balance Inc. – Bookkeeping and Office Organization has set up shop in Grand Bend to serve the South Huron area.

In May of 2013, Perfect Balance Inc., was established and incorporated to meet the growing needs of small business owners to help them to be the best that they can be, by providing support through accurate bookkeeping and seamless office organization.

Owner Jo-Anne Donnelly’s previous 25 years’ experience as an office manager and bookkeeper with a variety of types of business, has prepared her for sharing her expertise in this field, a job that business owners sometimes refer to as “the necessary evil” of running a business. You can’t opt out of this duty regardless of what type of business you own.

“I have seen my share of physical shoeboxes that some business owners handed me at the end of the year to organize and pass over to an accountant. It made me realize that Perfect Balance Bookkeeping can build a Better ShoeBox for those business owners who are struggling.”

“Taking care of your books is crucial to running a successful business” commented Donnelly. “If kept accurate and up to date, it will tell you if you can afford to buy that new piece of equipment, or whether you can expand, or whether you have to cut back. Accurate bookkeeping will even tell you “where” you have to cut back if need be.”

Perfect Balance Bookkeeping……doing what they do best, allowing business owners to do what they do best!

For more information, contact Jo-Anne at Perfect Balance Inc. Email or call 519-591-4491.

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