Rural Talks to Rural 2020 – a virtual conference November 16-28

FROM THE CANADIAN CENTRE FOR RURAL CREATIVITY SEPT. 28, 2020 – The Rural Talks to Rural conference (R2R20) will go ahead virtually over two weeks from November 16 to November 28, 2020. 

R2R asks: ‘How are you now? How do we better connect knowledge and wisdom? What does change look like to you? What actions are taking place that you can share/that we can learn from – in building a resilient and sustainable rural?

Submit your own ‘End of the Lane’ video

The public is invited to participate in the ‘End of the Lane’ video project, a part of the R2R Conference. The video project is based on the idea that during the pandemic, one of the few times you might meet your neighbour is when you both end up going down your lane to pick up the mail – a time to exchange how the family’s doing and other neighbourhood news.

Peter Smith, producer of R2R20 is asking that people shoot a 3-5-minute video with their neighbour, or neighbours, on their phone or another device, asking each other about how they’re doing – stories from during the pandemic, concerns and opportunities available.

Please submit your videos to Peter by email to:

R2R20 is being produced in partnership with the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail (G2G) Association and will include online panels, solo presentations, what’s happening in rural research, debates with different points of view on the state of things, a rural Covid survey across two different counties + shareable ideas/ideas already making a difference.

Stay tuned for details and registration info soon. Please visit their website for more information. Go to

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