social enterprise loans

Social Enterprise Loans

Community Futures Huron has been an active proponent of social enterprise for years, reaching back to successful initiatives like the Rural Social Enterprise Constellation.

Through these experiences, CFH has come to define social enterprise as business ventures operated by non‐profits, whether they are societies, charities, or co‐operatives. These businesses sell goods or provide services in the market for the purpose of creating a blended return on investment ‐ financial, social, environmental or cultural.

For example, a social enterprise might provide valuable services to a population in need, e.g. Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre or support employment for vulnerable clients e.g. Dashwood Industries.

But our definition does not include private enterprises with a social or environmental bent e.g. Cowbell Brewery, Homegrown Food Box. The distinction is important.

Under the terms and conditions of our FedDev agreements, we are allowed, even encouraged, to provide no interest loans of up to $250,000 to social enterprises as we define them.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in applying for a Social Enterprise Loan, please reach out to Paul Nichol, General Manager, by calling 226-889-8256 ext. 223 or by emailing

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