Community Futures Huron is here to help entrepreneurs make their futures in Huron County, and we’ve been doing just that since 1993. Many of the local businesses in this area have been helped by our free business counselling services or by our business loans and access to funding.

The businesses below are but a sampling of our clients, past and present. We are happy to have been able to help each of them on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Client Profile Posts

  • Cabinscape Client Profile

Regional Relief and Recovery Fund Success Stories in Huron County

CFDCs across Southern Ontario are providing vital RRRF support through Federal Development Ontario to local small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Community Futures Huron, located in Brussels, Ontario and serving Huron County since 1993, has helped 82 local businesses and helped maintain 256 jobs in Huron County through the RRRF by disbursing 1.6M in support to many Huron County small businesses and community-focused business projects.

Our RRRF Success Stories

Click on any of the graphics in the slideshow below to find out more about each client and how the RRRF has been of help to their business or community-based business project.

  • Bayfield Massage Therapy
    Bayfield Massage Therapy