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TAMVOES launches, inspired by healthcare struggles

GUEST POST BY ALEX SHARP, TAMVOES — The creation of TAMVOES was inspired by the difficult journey many individuals are currently struggling with within the healthcare industry.

Individuals are having to repeat their information multiple times to the many medical professionals they see. Often medical records and personal information is kept only with professionals and not made easily accessible to individuals and families; this leaves both families and individuals feeling uniformed.

TAMVOES was created to empower individuals with their own information, putting them more in control of their care. TAMVOES allows for personal information across the many aspects of one’s life to be securely consolidated and stored. Individuals can store and share information on appointments, health updates, financial meetings and much more with friends and family.

TAMVOES also allows individuals to effectively track their symptoms, vitals, immunizations, medications, etc. Quick access to medical and personal information often isn’t something people recognize they need until themselves or loved ones are in an emergency or have fallen ill.

TAMVOES recognizes that it is important to get ahead of these situations and start taking control of your own information today.

The ‘Personal Data Trust’ is part of TAMVOES’ feature roadmap and coming soon. With the Personal Data Trust, individuals can store and share a wide range of information. It can be used to store and organize medical, financial, personal and legal information. Many other features as well as a version of TAMVOES specifically directed for professionals is coming soon so make sure to keep an eye out for more exciting updates.

TAMVOES has just launched and the platform is free for all users! Go to and register for a free account to get started today.

Guest Post by Alex Sharp, Marketing and Communications Specialist, TAMVOES Health Inc. Email or call (778) 926-4765.

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