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Volunteer Week perfect time to say thank you

We would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to our volunteer Board of Directors.

Community Futures Huron is a not-for-profit organization serving the communities of Huron County since 1993. CFHuron operations are overseen by a 12-member volunteer Board of Directors including 1 County of Huron councillor appointed by the Warden.

These individuals represent the various communities and economic sectors of Huron County. In addition to possessing financial, strategic planning and community development skills, board members are committed to improving the local economy through their involvement in community-based business and economic development initiatives.

Thank you to our board members for your hard work and dedication, helping entrepreneurs make their futures in Huron County, supporting small businesses and community economic development. You are an inspiration to all:

  • Alison Lobb
  • Maureen Agar
  • Jim Fergusson
  • Matt Cardiff
  • Anne Bondy
  • Keith Roulston
  • Anita van Hittersum
  • Myles Murdock
  • John Kiser
  • Breanne Stafford
  • Jan Hawley (in memory)

We also offer a special thank you and acknowledgment of the work of Jan Hawley, a longtime board member who recently passed away. Jan was a much-respected member of our board of directors and her contributions and insight are greatly missed by all.

If you’d like to find out more about our volunteer directors, we invite you to check out:

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