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WOW Network launches in Huron, Bruce and Grey Counties

FROM WOW NETWORK October 15, 2020 – Professional and Entrepreneurial Women come together to optimize success.

TRI-COUNTY AREA:  Two local women are creating a network of and for like-minded female small business owners that are committed to helping women enhance their lives and succeed in business. Sarah Saso and Genny Smith of SaySmith Coaching are two dynamic go-getters who share a passion for business development and love connecting women to enable them to thrive.

Not just another networking group, WOW means business!

Women Optimizing Women (WOW) will offer innovative programs throughout Huron, Bruce and Grey Counties including networking and learning events, panel discussions, coffee chats, mentoring get togethers, a woman-to-woman marketplace and workshops – all with the goal of creating a forum to connect women to one another. Each session will end with a post-event action to move personal, professional and business goals forward.

WOW also offers a mentorship program which is designed to connect women who have some experience in a particular field with those who are learning or looking to gain more knowledge. It’s doesn’t matter what point they are at in their career, having a mentor is an important part of building a women’s capacity, skill set and confidence. To ensure that the mentoring experience is both useful and rewarding for both the mentor and the mentee, WOW members are asked to sign up to give twelve hours annually to mentor/coach/champion another woman in our community, helping to grow the personal and the professional capacity of both participants.

A member-to-member marketplace will further connect members and their wide range of products and services.

Why WOW now?  

“What’s become so clear while working in isolation from my home during the pandemic is that I need human contact,” says Smith, “I need women in my sphere that I can trust and relate to.”

Saso added, “Operating a business is a complex undertaking, especially in these times of uncertainty. A group of women from all over the province have been meeting online since March – our big “aha moment” was the realization that bringing women together for collective support and problem-solving was really successful and rewarding for everyone and so WOW was born.

Saso, having recently moved to Grey County is excited to have found her group of action-oriented women. “There is no way I would have been able to connect in my new community if it wasn’t for our weekly Zoom calls. I am excited to share my business skills and provide resources and support for women in the tri-County area” she noted.

Membership in WOW is a small investment, offering many different ways to grow, connect, learn, problem solve and share skills in a safe and nurturing space.  Members will have time to reflect and recharge through their participation. You’ll get far more out of membership than what you put into it, and every WOW member has the opportunity to achieve peak potential in their personal, professional, business and community life.

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Created to be an inclusive, diverse and action-oriented membership organization for Women in Grey, Bruce and Huron Counties, WOW is designed with women and their success in mind.  All women are welcome no matter their profession. If you looking for a way to grow your network, expand your business, learn new things and meet action-oriented women in your community then WOW is for you.

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